People are drawn to things. You have tendencies to choose one thing over another, based off of your frame of reference and all your own experiences.

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People are drawn to things. You have tendencies to choose one thing over another, based off of your frame of reference and all your own experiences. When it comes to choosing the right spin studio for you to get your workout on, certain factors will allow you to make your decision to find your studio. Is it clean? Does it have many bathrooms? Are there technicians to answer questions when you get there? Will there be too much Lululemon and Spiritual Ganger swag being worn? All these questions are valid. Experiences are made in the details.

You are reading from the girl that hated more than anything to clean her own room as a kid. Many bribes were given just to get a made up bed and clothes picked up from the floor. Obviously the older you get your view on sanitation changes. How amazing is it that people can sweat it out together? But, you don’t want the lingering smell or residue left behind. A clean studio is a must! It is important that the staff take control of clean bathrooms, clean bikes, and clean floors. All places where sweat and germs can stick! Do the bathrooms have enough soap and towels to wash your hands? Do the showers smell and look clean and free from filth? All important questions you shouldn’t forget to ask yourself, especially when you are in a hurry to get on your bike.

Each studio has a brand to uphold; a common core of values and techniques that the spin instructors represent to their classes. Sure, each instructor should have their own flair, but the brand of the company should be seen and felt through the instructor. If questions arise about nutrition or other workouts to supplement spin, the instructor should advise you or put you in the right direction of someone who can. Whoever is leading your class should be confident and motivating. Encouraging class leaders make everyone feel at ease, weather it is your first ride, or if you want to be pushed harder today.

Its good to have a spin studio staffed with knowledgeable people. You can feel comfortable asking anyone that works there a question, because if they don’t know the answer they will find someone who does. Now that’s customer service. It is also important for the staff to help you for every part of your spin experience. They should feel comfortable letting you know you might want to take a bottle of water into class or that you should go up a shoe size. Also, when it comes to questions about your account or online booking, speaking to an actual person always helps. No question is too small.

Spin classes are for sure worth the money. Because, lets face it, boutique workouts aren’t cheap! But, if you are paying the money, you definitely want to get the bang for your buck. Are towels provided for each rider? Is water or other beverages and snacks available for purchase? How easy is it to sign up for a class? These are basic amenities that are important in making your ride start and end smoothly. Facilities that offer showers, wifi, or an athlete lounge is a plus!

Giving back is a value every company should know. If you visit a spin studio regularly, when they give back to the community, it is your right be feel like you contributed, because you did! Even better, if there are ways you and your friends can get involved.

Its good to keep these things in mind when vetting a place to call your workout home!
As always… be nice and seize the day!