We all love to plan out our weekly schedule. Sign up for the week ahead on every Sunday. As of noon each Sunday you may book classes and reserve bikes for the week ahead.



It happens! Sometimes, life gets into the way of what we want to do. As long as you cancel 12 hours before the start time of your class, your class will be added back to your class pass series. However, if you forget to cancel, your class will be charged to your class pass. You may cancel online or by calling the studio.

Your first ride


  • Stay Hydrated: Every rider, new and seasoned needs to stay hydrated. Have water for your ride.
  • What to wear: It gets hot! Wear something like you would for yoga. We recommend tights or shorts that fit close to your body and shirts or tanks that are form fitting. Don’t forget socks, and if you do we have you covered in our pro shop! Shoes are to be rented from front desk.


  • Early bird… gets the bike: Arrive early to change your shoes, set-up your bike, and to get situated. Allow 15 minutes prior to class for this process. Let someone at the front desk know if this is your first Ride, and we will walk you through the bike set up process.
  • Grab your shoes and water: For profiles created online, your shoes will be in the numbered cubby corresponding to your bike number you chose for class. If for some reason you need a different size, the front desk will be able to get you another pair of spin shoes. Water bottles can be purchased for $2.
  • Lockers: You will probably need to lock up your personal belongings for the duration of your ride. Ask the front desk to show you to our locker room where locks and keys are provided.


  • Bike Set-up: Easy as 1, 2, 3…! For our new riders, Ride or Die assistances will walk you through the how and why of the bike set up process. 1. Seat Height 2. Seat position 3. Handlebar Height. They will record your settings for your future rides.
  • Towels: Clean towels will be on each bike before the start of class. Please throw soiled towels in the appropriate bins after class.


We want you to be the best version of yourselves! Please discuss with your doctor if Ride or Die Spin classes are appropriate for your health and wellness routine. This is a full body workout, so if any questions arise please do not hesitate to ask your instructor or front desk personal. Seek medical attention if any unusual symptoms occur after your ride.