About Alicia

Alicia has lived in Charlotte for 10 years after growing up in the Boston area and living near Asheville for 4 years. She found a passion for road cycling with her husband and his family and needed a challenge for the days she couldn’t hit the pavement. Her drive to ride brought her into the world of indoor cycling where she found a great opportunity to become a stronger rider. She began training to teach at Ride or Die last December.

When you clip in for Alicia’s class you can expect a motivating, ass-kicking party on a bike with a mix of pop and rock music. She thrives on the beat and is an absolute music junkie. Off the bike, Alicia runs a photography business and is a project manager for a software company. She and her husband have 2 giant dogs and can usually be found hanging out at the house or on their patio drinking way too much coffee.

Favorite Quote: “Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear.”

Fun Fact: Alicia has Type 1 Diabetes and is very involved in the T1D community in Charlotte. She plans to participate in the 2019 Ride for a Cure – a 100 mile road cycling event to benefit JDRF!

Guilty Pleasure: 90’s music and fancy coffee drinks

Tip For Class: Form is EVERYTHING! Keep your core tight and that ass back!