About Kendal Ann

​Kendal Ann’s originally from the Midwest, but don’t let that Midwest charm fool you. Her classes are all about stepping outside your comfort zone and connecting with the music to create a rhythmic and rigorous experience. Join her in the studio for positive energy and plenty of tap backs. She’ll get you moving and grooving (about you and your fitness). You’ll be sure to leave her class sweaty and smiling. When Kendal Ann’s not teaching, you’ll likely see her on the bike next to you or with an iced coffee in her hand exploring CLT’s hidden gems with her fiance and dog.

Favorite Quote: When you feel like dying, push even more!

Guilty Pleasure: Chocolate, Coffee & Cheese

Tip: Getting on the bike is the hardest part. Once you’re clipped in, find that beat and bring a smile!

Artists I’m currently jamming to: MAX, Steve Aoki, Spencer Ludwig, ​The ​Chainsmokers


Class #5
Monday 9AM - 10AM
Tuesday 10AM - 11AM
Friday 1PM - 2PM